This is not a personal rant that about how Metallica always seems to skip Minnesota on their tours. Rather, this is fact. Metallica must keep touring because otherwise they will run out of money. 

According to Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett, the band is under some heavy duty pressure to keep touring because they no longer are getting royalty checks to keep them afloat during off times.

Kirk said that the band would like to take a break and be with their families, but they have to keep working to keep the money coming in. Kirk told Rolling Stone Magazine that the days of taking off two years in between projects "just doesn't exist anymore." He said they were able to do that because they had royalties from their records pouring in all the time. Now the way the music industry has changed, artists no longer get a royalty check every three months. You get paid once, maybe twice and that's it.

Unfortunately, touring was one thing that the group had collectively agreed they were going to relax on a little bit so they could enjoy time with their families, but Kirk says, "It is what it is and you can't change that."

Right now, the group is touring Europe before heading stateside for two dates at the end of June. Then they are headed to Mexico and Canada. According to their website they have no tour dates booked past August 25. We'll keep you posted.

Now, all of that being said, Dear Metallica;


That is all.