Metallica makes good music. I like their noise, I like James Hetfield’s voice, but al Qaeda doesn’t and the military has been asked to stop using Metallica’s music as torture.

In a highly controversial interview with Esquire Magazine, the Navy SEAL who is credited with shooting and killing Osama bin Laden, revealed that Metallica has asked them to stop using their music as a way to torture prisoners.

The SEAL, whose name was not revealed in the article, says that when the war in Iraq first started, they were using Metallica to “soften people up” before an interrogation, but Metallica heard about it and was apparently not amused, so they asked them to stop it because Metallica doesn’t want to “promote violence.” Ummm…hello? You have an album called Kill ‘Em All. The Shooter says that they obliged and stopped using their music.

Here’s the interesting part: Another band called Demon Hunter heard what Metallica had done, contacted the SEALs and said you can use our music instead because Demon Hunter is “all about promoting what you do.” The band sent the SEALs CDs and patches. The Shooter says that he wore his Demon Hunter patch on every single mission the SEALs ran, and even claims he was wearing it the night they performed the raid that killed bin Laden.

In that same interview, The Shooter explains that the Navy has now turned his back on him, he’s not sure how he’s going to feed his wife and kids or pay for their medical care and he also talks about what the film Zero Dark Thirty got wrong.

The interview is in the March issue of Esquire, but it will live forever on the Internet HERE.