In a town of nearly 2300, just Northwest of Albert Lea, the legacy of the Metrodome will live on. The United South Central School District is building a new K-12 facility in Wells, Minnesota, and the blue seats from the now defunct Metrodome will fit perfectly with The Rebels' red, silver and blue color scheme in their new football field.

According to officials who spoke with FOX 9, money was still an issue, even though taxpayers in the 6-school district had passed a referendum funding a completely new school. But, as is the case in many small communities, the building budget was tight, and accommodated for few special amenities. However, the businesses in the area are a close-knit group, and they hatched an idea to save the district some money, while preserving a part of Minnesota football history.

School board member John Feist told FOX 9;

"There's a lot of different ways our local businesses are helping out. Everyone is coming together, pitching in to make it happen. The district was looking at pricing for seating options to fill the new home bleachers, the price of $40 for a Metrodome relic was the best deal. So, the district scooped up 840.This will be our home seating, the entire structure will be filled with Metrodome seats. Pretty neat!"

One of the large employers in the area is Wells Concrete, who agreed to donate time and materials to create stadium-like seating that some estimate value at over $200K.

The new school opens in the Fall, but the new football field will open next year.