The Rolling Stones front man up and left an appearance because he doesn't want to be a "political football". So, what did Switzerland do? 

Mick Jagger left the nicey-nice country in a huff prior to his appearance at the Great British Tea Party because apparently his being there came with strings attached and he didn't like that too much.

The Tea Party is being held alongside the World Economic Forum and Mick thought that going would be "stimulating" because he says he is interested in "in economics and world events." Mick, however learned that he was invited at the behest of Prime Minister David Cameron and the U.K.'s Conservative Party to try and "sell Britain to the world" and he said that there would be quite a bit of commitment that came along with his appearance there and felt that his presence was in implied endorsement and decided that he wasn't going to be used as the Conservative Party's "political football."

An "inside source" tells the U.K. Sun that the Conservatives were "tickled pink" that Mick was going to be a part of their shindig. Mick was not so tickled and he took off.

Still no word if the Rolling Stones are going to reunite for a 50th anniversary tour.