How much would you pay for a lock of Mick Jagger’s hair from the mid 1960’s? You can own it, if the price is right.

A lock of Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger’s hair is going up on the auction block next month.

The hair reportedly dates back to the mid 1960’s when Mick was dating model Chrissie Shrimpton. The item description claims that the pair were spending time at a farm that Chrissie’s parents owned and she reportedly gave Mick a haircut and kept a lock of hair. Chrissie’s grandmother found the hair in a small envelope with a note attached that read, “Mick Jagger’s hair. After being washed & trimmed by Chris at Rose Hill Farm.”

After Chrissie’s grandmother passed away, her aunt got the envelope. When she passed away, Chrissie’s cousin got the envelope who gave it to Chrissie, but the auction house doesn’t say that Chrissie is in face the seller, but the seller says that they are not going to profit from the sale.

The hair is expected to fetch about $24 hundred dollars when it goes up for bids at Bonham’s Entertainment Memorabilia Auction in London on July 3.