I would say look for Talib to go fast, as no doubt he will be a highly sought after corner in the NFL. Currently with New England, they have til the 11th of March to get him signed.

The Vikings gave up 287 passing yards per game which means they had the worst pass defense in the NFL.

Xavier Rhodes/Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Xavier Rhodes is already in place now to complete that part of the puzzle to get Talib back there and all of a sudden it becomes a danger zone for any receiver or Quarterback who attempts to throw in their airspace.

Unfortunately the patriots are trying to negotiate to keep the player in tact, however; if he should become available a second and third round pick would be a good trade for those early choices and the Vikings would fill a much needed void.

With the Patriots last year Talib had 4 interceptions and 41 tackles.

I mean look at this way, the division has three pretty damn good quarterbacks already Aaron Rodgers, Matthew Stafford and Jay Cutler, with Talib in place the passing defense would be pretty solid.