It should come as no surprise that we're Googling 'rollerblading' more than anything. The damn things were invented right here in our state.

But more than 'German Midget Porn' or say 'Vegetarian Hotdish Recipes'? Codswallop!

The above infrographic, produced by Estately, a real estate website, reveals what residents in each state are googling the most. It is alternately disturbing and hilarious. For example;

Minnesota: In addition to rollerblading, we've been searching out the meanings or related websites of football, hipsters and synchronized swimming. These all makes sense since all of these are hard to accurately identify in the Land of 10K Lakes. The first one being a real damn mystery for sure. And the synchronized swimming? Is it possible we're mistaking that for fishing methods? At any rate, it gets weirder.

For a control, let's look to Wisconsin. It should be similar right? Don't bet your cheese-hat on it Bart; beanie babies, menthol cigarettes, Mike’s Hard Lemonade and survival shelter all make the top of the list. I will tell you now, that Packer Backers don't stand a chance during the impending zombie apocalypse.

Ok, let's look to the East Coast for some clarity. Howabout Connecticut? They're normal right? Well, considering their top searches are THE WU-TANG CLAN, THE DAVE MATTHEWS BAND AND HEARING VOICES, I've come to the conclusion that this country is doomed.

No wait, Idaho. Idaho is pleasant, with friendly folk farming potatoes, right? No harm in checking their search.. OH SON OF A BITCH:

Bigfoot, caramel corn, potatoes and unicorns.

Well, I guess 3 out of four real things ain't too bad?