Normally this is a story we'd see coming from certified crazy-land Florida... but this happened in our own backyard at the St. Cloud Hospital. According to an Associated Press report, 53 year-old Phillip Michael Schaeffer was booked last Friday (April 24) for felony theft by swindle.

Apparently Schaeffer checked into the St. Cloud Hospital on Monday April 20th as 'David Glimour', and claimed to not have insurance. He was treated and released. As talk about the 'famous guitarist' visiting St. Cloud filtered through the hospital, the security team decided to pull footage from their cameras to compare with photos of the guitar legend. It was determined he was NOT Gilmour, and his chart was flagged, in case he returned, which of course, he did on Friday.

The St. Cloud Times reports that Schaeffer came back to the hospital on Friday, and again told staff he was Gilmour, explaining that the band was currently on tour in Canada and that he was seeking medical treatment in St. Cloud during a break in their schedule.

The security team advised a St. Cloud Police officer of the impostor, who was apprehended and taken to the Stearns County Jail after admitting he was truly, not Gilmour.

Now, first of all, kudos the staff of St. Cloud Hospital for treating this guy without proof of insurance. That's real medical care. They were concerned about his health, not if he had the means to pay.

But, there's a red flag here for me, though; If you were truly David Gilmour, by all accounts, a millionaire, wouldn't you be able to afford insurance, or at least have a credit card handy? As a Floyd fan, it makes me sad that no one who saw this character knew he wasn't David Gilmour and obviously, if you're a Floyd fan you know they haven't toured together for over 20 years. There are even reports that some got his autograph, which begs the question; Why would you want someone's autograph, if you don't know what the guy looks like. Sounds like an eBay listing to me. Also, props go out to the security team who exposed this goof-ball. It occurs to me, that if anyone would know what Gilmour would look like, it would have to be security. I mean what else ya gonna do when you're sitting all night watching security cam footage, but listen to Floyd?

I've decided that next time I need medical attention, I'm heading over to St. Cloud Hospital and checking in as Meatloaf.