Those micro-brew fanatics have finally gone off the deep end- Now they’re putting pumpkin in my precious pils, diluting the caramel in my sturdy stout with orange fibers and lacing the liquid gold of my ale with goulish gourd!

I heard about this atrocity a year ago, but laughed it off like I laugh off Jones Soda’s Turkey And Gravy flavor- but much to my dismay, it’s real.

Apparently the twisted concoction has done so well that there’s a full-fledged  conspiracy by even the big brewmeisters (Coors) to corrupt their signature ‘faux-micros’ like Blue Moon with the slimy ingredient. There’s even a Pumpkin Brewfest in Seattle.

Now don’t get me wrong- you can’t pry the pumpkin pie from my chubby weathered fingers during Thanksgiving, but pumpkin flavoring in beer? That’s just mean.

I suppose I could pour it in a ready-made pie crust and load the top with whipped cream.

If you’re looking to tempt the fizzy fickle finger of fate here’s a list of supposedly the best pumpkin beers available.

At any rate check this video of beernoob doing his taste test of the rancid recipe: