A whole boat load of singing super stars have signed on to help celebrate 50 years since the Beatles took over America.

The special, titled, The Night That Changed America: A Grammy Salute to the Beatles has been rife with rumors about who and who will not show up for it, but since it's taping the day after the Grammys, I think pretty much everyone will be there.

Official word has come down that some of the biggest names in music will be on hand for it including country super star Keith Urban teaming up with guitar virtuoso John Mayer for a rendition of Don't Let Me Down. Several acts from the pop world will be there and pop rockers Maroon 5 will be on stage, but lips are zipped as to what or if they're even performing. Even the Eurythmics are reuniting for it. Come Together indeed!

Taping will take place January 27, with a scheduled air date of February 9 at 8pm Eastern to mark 50 years to the exact moment in time when the Beatles first appeared on American television with their appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show.