Here's a shocker,  people who are having morning sex are happier and healthier.

Author of the book titled, "Because It Feels Good", Dr. Debby Herbenick says morning sex makes you feel more upbeat the rest of your day. Sounds good to me. She also mentions how it strengthens your immune system and improves hair, skin and nail quality.

We explained why, according to Dr. Herbenick on The Morning Sideshow:

  1. The chemical Oxytocin is released when sex is happening after you wake up, this is supposed to make the couple feel bonded and get that loving feeling. Mornig sex will increase levels of the antibody lgA, that protects against any infection.
  2. Chemicals are released that will boost oestrogen levels, that in turn improves tone and skin/hair texture.
  3. Guys: testoaterone needed has accumulated throughout the night which n turn is at peak levels at least for the first three hours of the day.

Try and see how it feels, somehow I bet you won't complain.