According to a story on Your Tango, there are five things that are the biggest culprits when it comes to the crashing down of relationships. Now I'm not calling us shallow (yes I am), but 'Hogging the Remote' is among the top-5 reasons. Really? Here are the rest.

55% of the women in the survey said they'd dump a guy because of one of his annoying habits. Here are the top-5.

  1. SMOKING: 64% of men and women say this is the worst of all bad habits.
  2. NOT LISTENING: 22% say this is their significant other's worst trait. What?
  3. BAD WITH MONEY: 20% of people say being bad with money is a reason to call it quits, since how you handle your money says a lot about how you handle other things in your life.
  4. LAZINESS: 19% of people would end things if their boyfriend of girlfriend was a lazy couch potato.
  5. HOGGING THE REMOTE: 15% said that this was their partner's worst habit.

I would seriously think that farting under the covers would come ahead of hogging the remote. Guess that's just me.