Somethings in life we struggle with for a long time because they are forever embedded in our brain. The loss of my Mother is a memory I choose to not forget.

My loving Mother passed away in 1963, I was just a young boy at the time. Her cause of death was Diverticulitis a disease that effects the colon and large intestine. It can be very painful and in 1963 to many doctors hard to diagnose. It wasn't til years down the road we found out what took her life, up until then the doctors weren't sure.

I have very few memories of my Mother but the one's I do have I cherish with everything my heart will hold on to.

My Mother was a beautiful woman, one of those that people loved to be around, always had a smile and never a bad thing to say about anyone. To this day I wonder why she was taken from me at an early age.

My Mother is buried in Memphis, TN.

In the early Ninety's and married at the time, my wife and two daughters flew down to visit an old friend of my moms in Memphis and she drove us to her grave site.

It was a very cold, gloomy, cloudy type day with a drop of rain here and there. After a lengthy search to find her plot, we all paid our respects. The only thing I asked for was to spend a  moment alone at her grave side, yet my family was in listening range.

I stared at her grave stone while tears fell down my face, I remember loving her so much. I spoke to her and this is what I had to say, "Mom if you can hear me please show me some kind of sign that you're okay. Just show me some kind of sign."

Low and behold she was watching me and heard me, as the clouds opened up and the sun came through, it got real warm and the total experience lasted about one minute. I never felt such an uplifting feeling in my whole life.

The clouds closed up and it was like before cold, gloomy, cloudy with a dampness in the air.

None of us could believe what just happened. It was totally amazing. I guess you could say we all had a spiritual moment that day.

"Happy Mother's Day Mom, I hope you're well. I Love You!"