Guest columnist and friend of The LOON's for over 20 years, Pamela Muldoon took in the Motley Crue/KISS show at The Minnesota State Fair. Pam is a social media & content marketing strategist by day and a rock ‘n roll goddess by night (She even has her own Fender guitar to prove it!).  She also has a love for radio and is the host of her own podcast, Content Marketing 360. Here's Pam's account of the Motley Crue part of the show.


I attended the Crue/Poison concert at Target Center last summer.  They did a fine job then, but putting Vince, Nikki, Tommy and Mick in an outdoor venue was a world of difference!  This band has definitely had it’s personal and professional ups and downs but the Crue that lit up the Grandstand stage last night was one that showed old friends doin’ what they love to do.  All out rock ‘n roll for the fans that love ‘em!  Vince may not be hittin’ the high notes like he did back in the ‘80’s and the stage pace of these aging rockers may have slowed some, but they still put on a hell of a show.

They actually took the performance level up a notch this go ‘round with water cannons to drench the front rows, turning Nikki’s bass into a flamethrower and have the scantily clad ladies participate beyond just being eye candy.  Even I enjoyed the aerialist routines.  The big theatrical highlight was Tommy Lee and his roller coaster drum set.  Pretty cool to see Tommy strapped in riding his circular roller coaster while bangin’ out a solo the way only Tommy can.  Engaging a lucky lady fan by strapping her onto the back of Tommy’s seat added a bit of sexy fun to the rollercoaster moment.

The Motley Crue set was filled with their hits, from the party tunes, Kickstart My HeartSame Ol’ Situation,  Girls, Girls, Girls, to the songs that connect us to our youth like Shout At The Devil and Home Sweet Home to the tracks that share a bit about their dark days Dr. Feelgood and Wild Side, these boys definitely left you with the feeling that they are still kickin’ ass.

My personal highlight of the Crue set was Mick Mars, who in my humble fan opinion, is one of the most underrated and under-appreciated rock guitar players of his generation.  Mick was on his game and his solos were a little piece of rock ‘n roll heaven.  Mick suffers from a painful condition that affects the joints of his spine, yet it’s obvious that playing the guitar is not only his passion; it is what he was put on this planet to do.