I love music. I am not a fan of the Grammy awards. That being said, the Grammys offered a few glimmers of hope that rock and roll is not all but dead in their eyes.

I was bored to tears last night with the Grammy Awards. I watched the Pro Bowl for a good portion of the evening and that was also torture. I do have to hand it to them, though because the Pro Bowl is usually akin to a light practice with pads and they actually tackled last night. Personally, I think the Pro Bowl could just go away and I wouldn't miss it. Same with the Grammy Awards telecast.

The Grammys are usually a self-congratulatory festival of one-uppsmanship and one of these times, it's going to culminate with two people having sex on stage. It almost happened last night, but that's a story for another day.


The Grammys allowed Metallica to play One in almost its entirety! That's seven precious minutes of airtime that could have been devoted to some other useless, meaningless spectacle, but no! Metallica! Do you think this is pay back for them losing to Jethro Tull back in 1992?

Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney won recognition last night several times last night. He walked away with an award for Best Rock Song for Cut Me Some Slack with the surviving members of Nirvana. He also took home a prize for Best Music Film for Live Kisses. Then, Paul took the stage to perform with none other than Ringo Starr on the kit behind him!

The Awards

So, not only did Paul McCartney win a couple of awards, Led Zeppelin finally took home a Grammy for Best Rock Album for Celebration Day and Black Sabbath won the award for Best Metal Performance for God Is Dead? One of my favorite people on TV, Stephen Colbert won for Best Spoken Word Album and James Bond even won! OK, the score to Skyfall won two awards for Best Score and Best Song Written for Visual Media, but still!

The Attendees

I thought it was going to be awkward last night because Paul and Ringo were there, but so was Yoko Ono and her son Sean Lennon, who looks so much like his dad it's creepy. Yoko is just creepy anyway, but she's still going strong so God bless her. Steven Tyler was there showing off his moves looking like the Geico caveman. Neil Young showed up, but his hat didn't get as much attention as Pharrell Williams. Sorry, Neil. The Osbournes showed up, too, sans Jack. Kelly had light purple hair and was starting a new trend with the backward necklace. Ozzy and Sharon seemed to look happy and all in love, even though rumor has it that Sharon ruined someone's clothing by throwing food on it because they reportedly got into an argument with Kelly. You stay classy, Sharon.

The Performances

Not only did Ringo and Paul steal the show, the band Chicago showed up and performed with Robin Thicke to make a new band I saw someone on Twitter call "Thickago". The aforementioned Metallica performance was pretty cool, even though classical pianist Lang Lang came along for the ride. That was just odd. The big finish with rock god Dave Grohl, Nine Inch Nails, Queens of the Stone Age and Fleetwood Mac guitarist Lindsey Buckingham was CUT OFF!! What the hell was that about?!

Overall, I'd say it was a C -. The show was WAY TOO LONG. Less performances and more focus on the awards next time would be a good place to start.