There are going to be some goodies that are ready to be released on Record Store Day, there are quite a few so I thought I'd list my favorites this April.

I'm a serious vinyl collector but you don't have to be to get in the groove as what is coming out this Record Store day.

Record stores were the top of the pops back in the day, long before iTunes and the others. To be able to re-live the past with the great music we've come to grow and love, Record Store Day is the perfect catalyst to get into gear for such a thing.

The black hole for some time travel to great music is Record Store day.

The art work, the smell of new vinyl, the conversations that ensue of the past sound,of Course; I'm talking about the music.

Some of my favorites to be released are as follows, see if you agree:

Feel free to click on the buttons at the bottom of each page to get to the next artist or simply click on the band name above for a direct hit.