Dear Leslie, my name is Pete and I live in St. Cloud. I grew up in Fridley, attended the U of M, and have been a Minnesotan at heart all my life, which includes bleeding purple & gold through the good and the bad? (Did I say good?)  Anyway, please stop your Christian Ponder conversation that baffles all of us. We've been through enough. Show us some mercy.

In my heart of hearts, when you say, "Christian Ponder is still my starting quarterback," I assume that your a smart guy, and that you know the Vikings' chance of success with Ponder at the helm is zero, and that you are just playing some kind of political word game that allows you to dance through the issues, all the while knowing that Cassel will be the guy when it comes right down to it.

I'm a glass half-full kind of guy, an optimist. Besides I know your job depends on winning, and you have to know Cassel is a better chance at keeping your paycheck, right? Right?!

If that's what's going on, I'm happy to assume I'm in on the game with you. But, I also want you to know that as Vikings fans we can't take much more. After games, season, years, and decades of disappointment we need a little hope. Can you just throw us a bone. Something to let us know that as a really smart NFL coach that you see what we see. That you see Ponder's indecision powered, velocity-lacking, inaccurate soft-lofted passes are not good enough. And that Cassel was/is different. Different in training camp. Different in preseason. And different last week.

Please Leslie, please. You can make me feel better about our crazy world (government shutdown and all) by being the beacon of reason. Say it. Please. "Matt Cassel is the new Minnesota Vikings starting quarterback."

I'm not going to hear it am I?