Today during Loon Afternoons I'm hanging out with some of the newest Loon members, and we're having a blast. Welcome Ava Eekhoff and Intern Trent!

So what does this mean for the "Barry Allen" afternoon show? It means I get treated like a "king" is what it means!! Intern Trent has been awesome, running my board, getting everything ready for me to have the best afternoon show in central Minnesota. That's what these guys live for.

Ava is the newest Loon on-air personality, and can't get enough of learning the ropes here. She even knocked me out of my chair to get a shot at talking to listeners! I guess she'll fit in here...

Hard at work running the board

I can handle this kind of treatment. Too bad Trent will be not only in here helping out, but around the station and out and about at events. Ava on the other hand will be handling her own show, so I'll be back to "just prince Barry" after today.