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Elton John, right off the bat stating this in regards to the new release, "I needed to strip away the excesses and get back to the core of what I do as an artist."

Between Elton and co-writer Bernie Taupin they put together 19 new songs that will totally get you in the groove of the good old days of Elton John. Those two go back to 1967 producing and composing together.

it's been 40 live shows and 31 studio albums, with this album Elton is sitting at the top of the hill.

On this album you'll hear the back to basic piano, bass and drums like old. Elton has been there and done that with no worries of radio airplay or huge album sales. On this album I like the nostalgia and along with it the respect of the all talent involved.

An extra bonus to move this project along was the addition of T.Bone Burnett.

Elton John, 'The Diving Board' )full album):