Namco Entertainment, the arcade branch of Namco-Bandai, is looking to open an upscale restaurant in the United States. So maybe we should start calling them "Nom"-co?

In an article on Polygon, Brian Crescente talks about the company's plan to start a prototype restaurant in the states, which they hope will be the start of an international chain. David Bishop, executive vice president and chief operating officer of Namco Entertainment Inc., spoke to Polygon and said, "It's no secret that we've been exploring a number of new business models and noodling the future of Out-of-Home entertainment for several years now, and our current planning does include an 'upscale' restaurant with 'entertainment elements'."

"And yes, we've been working with an established American restaurateur, as well as some other really talented external professionals, to develop the concept!"

According to Polygon's sources, they're looking to build the prototype around Chicago, where the restaurateur is located. Like Brian Crescente says, the venture will most likely be a gaming restaurant in the same vein as Dave & Busters. Here's to hoping they have an amazing pun-filled menu, with items like Soul Caliburgers or Cocktails of Graces. Just pray you don't get any Gala gas.