The most popular mobile game ever is about to take one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind. Or avian-kind, I guess. The latest sequel to the insanely addicting Angry Birds launches the grumpy fowl into the big empty on March 22nd and guess who's docking with them in a promotional video? Yep, NASA.

In this promotional video, a scientist on the International Space Station uses an Angry Birds stuffed toy to explain the extraordinary physics of the new game, and impart a little magical knowledge.


Like my Uncle Omar McGuire once said: "I think the best kind of learnin' is learnin' that don't make ya think."

I found myself laughing out loud at the scientist's inept attempt to create one of the pigs from the game out of a balloon, and, at the same time, acknowledge that he's a scientist, 'not an artist'.  But wait til you see how he demonstrates the concept of trajectory- and then contemplate just how cool it would be if you were on the ISS and playing a real-life version of Angry Birds. Kudos to NASA for being insightful enough to partner with a cultural phenom that virtually EVERYONE is aware of, (or plays) in order to get space travel and NASA-related issues back into the public eye.