The NBA lockout is not only causing problems for players and owners, but restaurant owners like Alice Cooper are feeling the pain too.  Take the poll on the next page and tell us what you think.

Alice Cooperstown is a restaurant in Phoenix owned by Alice, and it's suffering from the lack of an NBA season due to its location right across from the U.S. Airways Center which is home to the Phoenix Suns.

The restaurant has already lost thousands of dollars. No basketball games equals no fans, which means a lot less traffic in that area of town and in turn is causing businesses to take a dive.

The manager at Alice Cooperstown says they expect to lose more than half a million dollars if the entire season is lost. Now I'm sure Alice Cooper will be financially ok if this does in fact happen, but he certainly isn't the only one effected here. There are dozens of restaurants, hotels, night clubs...etc surrounding many of the NBA stadiums around the country that have to be hurting from the lockout as well.