Black Sabbath announced their reunion on "Metal Day" 11-11-11, but since then, infighting and a cancer diagnosis seemingly have kept Black Sabbath from ruling the world, but come later this year, that will no longer be so. 

Black Sabbath have officially announced that their new album will be called 13. Last year, the group had pegged the release date for April and that has now been pushed back, but who cares? Black Sabbath has a new album coming out!

It's pretty much a given that Bill Ward won't be a part of this project because he got all pissy and told the rest of the band where to go. But, the good news is that Ozzy, Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler are all working together on the project. Black Sabbath has hired Brad Wilk from Rage Against the Machine to replace Bill.

Another piece of good news is that Sabbath has a few tour dates scheduled for later this year for Australia, New Zealand and Japan with more dates to be announced. Keep tuned to the Loon for more!

Black Sabbath's 13 is due out in June. It's their first album since Never Say Die in 1978.