"Darkness" still the best. "B2R" my all time fav but "Darkness" was better. It just was. He was only 30 at the time but had been to war with the record companies. I think he described it somewhat as the innocent dreamers of "Born to Run" give up on the world  and "Darkness" is the result.

"Darkness on the Edge of Town" is not without hope: "The Promised Land" is the ultimate in gritty determination. "Racing in the Street" is about love; yeah life sucks but we have each other for kindness and solace. "Candy's Room" - that he opened with when I saw him in Milwaukee in 2004? Don't get me started. Title track isn't neccessarily uplifting, but it's true.

I like "The Promise" for the most part but if anything it reaffirms Bruce's decision making: "Save My Love", the best of the "outtakes", didn't fit thematically. "The original "Racing in the Street" is ALL wrong. It sounds like "Thunder Road". "Rendevous", an awesome love song, again, didn't fit thematically for "Darkness". Just goes to show you a great songwriter has amazing work in him despite the mood he's in.