I think it's about getting on the same page here for all of us as to what, 'People,Hell and Angels' is and what it isn't.Essentially what this set of recordings are would be a dozen "previously unreleased studio recordings" of Jimi. The track list below if you notice are by no means new songs, however; they are treatments of the songs that are way different from the versions that were released. what's nice is it does seem that you're hearing some new material.

The CD is packaged with a 24-page booklet of photos that includes back stories about the songs and recording sessions.

The CD track list:

  1. "Earth Blues"
  2. "Somewhere"
  3. "Hear My Train A Comin'"
  4. "Bleeding Heat"
  5. "Let Me Move You"
  6. "Izabella"
  7. "Easy Blues"
  8. "Crash landing"
  9. "Inside Out"
  10. "Hey Gypsy Boy"
  11. "Mojo Man"
  12. "Villanova Junction Blues"

Release date March 5th and available on CD,LP and MP3.

Up next is David Bowie's, 'The Next Day'.

Attached is a video of the song, "Somewhere" that features Stephen Stills on bass from 1968.