It was in fun teasing the fans about the upcoming album but they certainly got a lot of mileage out it.They kept the name of the new album secret from the fans for months after stating it was on the way.

Pretty neat ploy as they used a question mark as part of the tease that worked it's way into the title, 'Now What?!'. It's all new material it's the 19th studio (original) release for Deep Purple.

The Track List :

  1. "A Simple Song"
  2. "Weirdistan"
  3. "Out Of Hand"
  4. "Hell To Pay"
  5. "Body Line"
  6. "Above and Beyond"
  7. "Blood From A Stone"
  8. "Uncommon Man"
  9. "Apres Vous"
  10. "All The Time In The World"
  11. "Vincent Price"
  12. "It'll Be Me"

Release date May 14th on CD and May 30 on LP Vinyl.

Their last release was in 2005 title,'Rapture of the Deep.'

Listen to the music of Deep Purple's new releases, "Hell To Pay" and "All The Time In The World."