No this is not another one of Rod's pop song cover albums, this is old Rod doing an original album of rock and his first since 2001.I'm sure you remember the old Rod who performed rock his first 30 years of his career with Faces, Jeff Beck and as a solo artist. Much like the early years Rod co-wrote all the songs on his new album 'Time' except one.

According to Rod in a 2012 interview with Billboard, "It will be just an old-fashioned Rod Stewart album." He went on to mention,"The themes are a little more adult now, There's no "Hot Legs" or "Do You Think I'm Sexy" but they're, I think, songs people can relate to.'

Track list on 'Time'

  1. "She Makes Me Happy"
  2. "Can't Stop Me Now"
  3. "It's Over"
  4. "Brighton Beach"
  5. "Beautiful Morning:
  6. "Live The Life"
  7. "Finest Woman"
  8. Time"
  9. "Picture In A Frame"
  10. "Sexual Religion"
  11. "Make Love To Me Tonight"
  12. "Pure Love"

Release date May 7th on CD and May 14th on LP.

Rod Stewart "She Makes Me Happy" and "It's Over"