We can easily take you back to 1976 when things got under way for the very talented Pat Travers...

Pat is a multi-instrumentalist/vocalist that's well known for his hard rock, heavy metal and blues sound.

With the release of 'Can Do' will add to his already 32 studio and live album catalog.

Similar to artist Levon Helm, Pat Travers was nurtured by rocker Ronnie Hawkins in his band The Hawks.

Track list:

  1. "Can Do"
  2. "Stand Up/Give Up"
  3. "Diamond Girl"
  4. "As Long As I'm With you"
  5. "Long Time Gone"
  6. "Wanted (This Was Then/This Is Now)"
  7. "Armed and Dangerous"
  8. "Here Comes the Rain Again"
  9. "Keep Calm & Carry on"
  10. "Dust & Bone"
  11. "Waitin' On The End Of Time"
  12. "Red Neck Boogie"

Available on CD July 9th, 2013.


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Pat Travers performing live "Can Do", "Diamond Girl" and "I'm With You" (Audio Samples):