Sad to have lost a great like Jimi Hendrix but on a good note, here 43 years later still we're getting his music to hear, stuff we've never heard before.

This is a first, The Jimi Hendrix Experience: Miami Pop Festival being released. Chalk up the first ever recordings of "Tax Free" and "Hear My Train A Comin'", these are live performances.

Available on CD and MP3, released November 5th, 2013

Seems more and more, if not music then film footage being found, well it's the case here as Hendrix at the 1968 Miami Pop Festival is an inclusion to a new documentary in which you may have caught on PBS recently, titled 'American Master - Hear My Train A Comin''. Out on Blu-Ray and DVD November 5th, 2013.

It's a great tie-in to release these in November as Jimi would have been 70 this year.

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Hendrix, "Hear My Train A Comin'":