This Lita Ford package is awesome, it's new, it's live and throw in some remastered reissues and the essence of her previous band The Runaways, how's that sound?

Lita Ford,YouTube

Let's see we have two early solo albums that have been remastered and a new live show release, Lita has also made mends with her old band The Runaways and revved up that engine of hers re-engaging her solo career.

She's got her 'Bitch is Back' tour that is covering her solo and Runaway music, as well as; songs from her 2012 album, 'Living Like a Runaway' on CD and MP3 released November 5th,2013.

You get two for two in the same package, Lita's 1988 stuff and her 1991 'Dangerous Curves.' Released November 12th, 2013 on CD.

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Lita Ford, "The Bitch Is Back'":