The Eagles are headed to Minneapolis later this year and if you haven't made an attempt to see them, this may be your last chance. 

The Eagles just kicked off a world tour over the weekend and if statements made by front man Don Henley are to be believed, this tour may be their last.

In an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Don said "Covering the entire globe will take us about two years. So, by the time we get through this tour, it'll be 2015 and we'll all be in our late 60's. It's been an incredible experience for all of us, but it may be time to say adios and bow out gracefully."

There is also a lineup change with this tour. Bernie Leadon who was part of the original Eagles group when they formed in 1971, but with Bernie on board, that means Don Felder won't be. Don Henley says that Felder is being left behind because he "continues to engage in legal action, of one kind or another against us, I can't really say anything further about it."

You can catch The Eagles September 18 at the Target Center in Minneapolis.