"Will that be a table for two, with a candlelight dinner?" Actually it's The Candlelight Concert Live at Montreux 2013.

You may think this duo is an odd combination but if you look up 'amazing' in the dictionary their names as a duo are part of the definition.

The guitarist of Queen and the very talented British singer/actress Kerry Ellis have teamed up for this beaut. Kerry,I might add has performed in 'Wicked' on Broadway.

Brian and Kerry have been associated with each other since 2002, which was a catalyst for her getting a role in the original London cast of the Queen tribute musical, 'We Will Rock You.'

This became available April 1st, a CD/DVD set that's all inclusive of their Montreux show, 'Candlelight Concerts ' tour AND their 'Born Free' tour of 2012.

CD/DVD and Blu-Ray.

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Brian May and Kerry Ellis, "No One But You":