He's back - Gerald Bostock (fictional character created by Ian Anderson) as the writer for the new 'Homo Erraticus', new Ian Anderson LP.

Gerald Bostock came into play back with Jethro Tull's LP 'Thick as a Brick', he was a youngster then and the main character of that LP back in 1972.

Then he re-emerged in his 50's for 'Thick as a Brick II' for the 2012 LP.

Now Ian has him a a writer, hypothetically speaking of course for the new LP. 'Homo Erraticus.'

The true to form author of Bostock is Ian Anderson, and will tour late this month. If by chance you go to the show expect a lot of new material but on the same token you'll also get your fix of Jethro Tull oldies but goodies.

'Homo Erraticus' is a limited deluxe edition, two CD + DVD set. It will include a 60 page book and a documentary on the making of the LP, also DTS 5.1 Surround and hi- res stereo mixes.

Available April 15th - CD, DVD, MP3 and Vinyl LP

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Ian Anderson, 'Homo Erraticus' teaser: