The latest in a long line of  'NEW' releases from The Jimi Hendrix Estate hit shelves yesterday. Props to the estate for diligently digging through the archives of Jimi's massive works and cleaning up a bunch of good stuff.  Back in March we got a sizzling compilation of  'new' music from Jimi entitled 'Valley Of Neptune'. Although detractors would say it's been released before, but only as bootlegs or unauthorized albums as various sources jockeyed for control of Jimi's music and belongings.

Fortunately I think, for fans, the Hendrix family won out. This new work, 'West Coast Seattle Boy' showcased as a four-disc anthology, gives us some really cool stuff. But warning, if you're a casual Hendrix fan, you'll probably be disappointed. Some of the anthology isn't actually Jimi in his band or solo. It is, however, some stellar work culled from his time as a studio musician with other groups, some legendary like The Isley Brothers and Little Richard.

The other three discs do have some really neat stuff; many alternate versions or takes from some of his well known work.  Some shining standouts include reworked and never released versions of  'Fire', 'Love Or Confusion' and a seriously gnarly version of  'Are you Experienced?'

Dig this video for the inside scoop. Peace, man.