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Honestly I can't think of a band that has done more live performances than the Grateful Dead, so many of which were recorded as you will see in this documentary, 'Sunshine Daydream.

Sunshine Daydream CD,DVD, dead dot net

"Long Live the Deadheads", now you've got a little gift to look forward to from the Grateful Dead.

'Sunshine Daydream' was a benefit performance and indeed recorded on tape, as well as; film. Good News, it's finally being released which is a good thing considering it the most requested performance ever by the band. Now it can be yours!




Available on 3 - CD plus 1 DVD Box Set, released September 17th, 2013.

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Grateful Dead from 1972,"Sunshine Daydream":


Also a sneak peak for October and November. Happy shopping for your friends or even yourself.