Paul McCartney is putting an expanded edition of his 1971 album in stores today. Has four decades of technology really made this record new again?

Paul McCartney is re-releasing his Ram album today and he dug into the archives for the extra material.

He says that the album is from "A long, long time ago when the world was different." Not exactly what he means there. I agree, the world is different than what it was in 1971, but he wrote the bulk of the material in Scotland on the farm that he shared with his then-wife Linda McCartney. So, is he longing for the days of Linda? Well, Paul says that Ram is one of his favorite albums because it reminds him of the carefree days and hippie attitude that was commonplace back then. But it's also the only project where both Paul and Linda are credited on the album.

Ram is available today in mp3 form. You can also get it on vinyl, as a two disc double album or as part of a five disc box set.