Hailing from London, there's a trio that's bringing power-blues back to the rock and roll world: LEOGUN.

If you're like me, you crave new experiences in music. Whether it's fresh material from our favorite dinosaurs of rock like The Stones (Doom & Gloom) and ZZ Top (I Gotsta Get Paid) or young guns like Black Stone Cherry (Like I Roll) and Vintage Trouble (Nobody Told Me), there's something to the sound that connects them; The Blues. Yes, I capitalized those two words. Because they deserve it.

I'm not gonna tell you too much about LEOGUN, and truthfully it doesn't matter where they come from or how they got their name or who they're related to. What matters is... they found our timid little kitty called The Blues and gave her some love, only to tearfully let her leave after breaking their hearts with her cheatin' ways.

Cuz after all... she's The Blues.

Listen. Rock. Roll. I'm just here to help. Here's LEOGUN.