A short teaser for J.J Abrams' second Star Trek film Into Darkness premiered on YouTube this morning. Featuring a voice-over (which at first listen sounds A LOT like Patrick Stewart) that promises the return of a villain seeking vengeance (KAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHN!??? No, but most likely Gary Mitchell from the "Where No Man Has Gone Before" episode. The blonde looks exactly like the Elizabeth Dehner character in the ep. as well.).


Oh and don't worry, kids, JJ has provided us with our obligatory Enterprise (or at least some Constitution Class ship) destruction sequence, featuring a spectacular careening splash/crashdown into what is probably the San Francisco Bay.

By the end, if you're as much a fan as I am, be prepared for a tingle to run through your spine.


OH but hold on you Trekker you... there's 18 seconds of extra footage in the Japanese trailer release! Here's the YouTube vid of it, but be warned, it may be yanked when you view it, because it's no where else on the net (except on the actual ST:ID webpage!)

Star Trek: Into Darkness opens May 17, 2013