U2 announced that they’re working on their 13th studio album, much to this fan’s delight. But there is a down side.

In a new interview with the UK Sun, U2 front man Bono said that yes, they are working on a brand new album, but it could take “ten years” or it may “never happen”. I’m sorry, what?

Bono said that they’re “mad for it at the moment and really want to make a new record” but fans won’t hear it until they get it right and he doesn’t care if it takes a decade or it never sees the light of day. U2 have been working on the project since 2011 and stopped only because Bono came down with the flu. That’s a lot of work to put into something that you may never release.

Of course, they were singing a different tune not that long ago. Last summer, the band said they wanted the new album on store shelves by fall. Larry Mullen Jr. just said last week that they want to have it out by September of this year and another one in 2014.

There are several titles being tossed around for the new album that may never come out. One of them being 10 Reasons to Exist. Whatever they do, I just hope they go back out on tour. Their 360 tour in summer 2011 was one of the best I’ve seen. I’ll keep you posted.