Following the devastating tornado in Moore, Oklahoma, Kim Kardashian sent out a tweet that sent Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx into a tizzy. 

Monday afternoon, an EF 5 tornado pretty much wiped the town of Moore, Oklahoma off the map. Social media was going crazy and the tornado was the number one trending topic on Twitter in the country. Everyone's thoughts were with those in Oklahoma. Everyone that is except for Kim Kardashian.

Kim tweeted, "Love that I can gradually build the perfect bronzed glow I want with #Kardashian Sun Kissed Tan Extenders." No shock coming from a self absorbed airhead like Kim, but I didn't realize that in "The World According to Nikki Sixx", we weren't allowed to talk about anything besides the tornado.

Nikki fired back at Kim saying, "Pick your priority or pick your poison...Isn't your 15 minutes up yet?"

I can see his heart was in the right place, but should he have started a twitter war over it? Does this make him look like an a-hole? I think that makes it worse than what Kim did.