Alice Cooper is criticizing a fellow veteran rocker for straying away from his roots. 

It's "No More Mr. Nice Guy" for Alice Cooper. He is criticizing fellow veteran rocker, Robert Plant for shunning his work with Led Zeppelin.

Cooper says he doesn't understand why Plant is focusing more on what he calls "folk music" and says he is, "disappointed" because as a performer, Cooper never tires of performing his old hits. This is coming to light following a Rolling Stone interview where Plant states that he doesn't want to go see a bunch of "jaded old farts" on stage. Cooper goes on to say, "They're just standing there. What is so hard? Jimmy Page wants to do it, John Paul Jones wants to do it and they've got Bonham's son who is a killer drummer. All they need is Robert Plant. But what is Robert Plant out there doing? Playing folk music!"

Both Cooper and Plant have a busy 2011 planned. Robert Plant is touring behind his latest release with Band of Joy who are hitting the State Theater in Minneapolis April 12. Cooper, meanwhile will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in March.