If you held your breath waiting for Chinese Democracy, you're...well, you're dead.

That little number - supposedly - took 13 years to assemble.

I've always suspected that Axl simply kept rumours afloat to maintain interest in a band that had long fallen apart, and that the album was recorded years ago and sat in the can or that it was quickly thrown together from unreleased material, B-sides, outtakes, etc.

Regardless, it didn't sound like any years-in-the-making Guns N' Roses masterpiece in the end (though "I.R.S." wasn't a bad tune at all).

Currently on their first North American tour since 2006 and fresh off a performance at the Target Center last Sunday night, GnR's current keyboardist Dizzy Reed - not a founding member but the longest standing outside of Axl at 21 years - is saying that after the tour is done there most likely won't be a trip to the recording studio.

"We haven't really talked a lot about that. We recorded a lot of material back, you know, when we started working on Chinese Democracy, so there's a quite a bit of unreleased stuff, I think, that would be really cool to be finished and put out. Everyone has great ideas and we're always sort of bouncing stuff off each other and I think eventually something's got to give, you know, and it's gonna come out."

And of course, Axl has given no indication of when or if the band will ever record again but a tour and new album to go along with (what's likely to be ) an induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame would have been nice.

The band plays East Rutherford, New Jersey tonight (November 17th).