Of all places in Colorado, a barber won't cut your hair if you smell of marijuana.

Hugo Corral a barber in Greeley, Colorado will not cut your hair if you reek of marijuana.

He owns Hugo's Barber Shop and states he doesn't have a problem if you're one who chooses to smoke the delight and he even supports the industry but the initial choice to stop cutting hair from those that smell of pot came from his customers.

Initially he did but when customers complained of the smell he made the change. The Morning Sideshow thought pretty odd scenario considering it was legalized in the state but on the flip slide he doesn't want to lose business.

Since his decision to stop he's had threats of lawsuit after lawsuit, people have actually starting trashing his windows, they ripped his signage off and people have been spitting on his front door.

Maybe he should have one day a week where he cuts the stoners hair, like "We like weed Wednesdays."