Cars frontman confirms that they are back in gear and discusses the new album. 

Ric Ocasek spelled it all out in a new interview with Rolling Stone Magazine: The Cars are shifting into high gear and they are back in the studio after 24 years.

He said that he never, ever thought that the band would record another album, but it's true! Move Like This is comprised of material that he had been accumulating for a while. He says that he looked through it and thought, 'What if I called the guys? They'll do the best job, because they already know the whole thing."  He also admitted that the death of bassist Benjamin Orr and the usual personality conflicts jeopardized an earlier reunion. Ocasek,  David Robinson, Elliot Easton, and keyboardist Greg Hawkes are on the album. Hawkes and co-producer Gareth "Jacknife" Lee share bass duties.

No word on of a tour is scheduled. A few of the tracks have been leaked online. You can hear the album in its entirety when Move Like This drops May 10.