If you think a bright moon lighting up the sky is cool, then you won't want to miss the one that's coming. Experts are calling it a 'once in a lifetime moon'.

We've seen plenty of these super moons, so why does this one stand out over the others? Because it'll be 30% brighter and 14% larger than your normal full moon.

The super moon is scientifically known as the 'perigree moon', which is when the moon is closest to the earth in it's normal orbit. According to NASA, you'll be able to see this super moon just before 8am (CST) on Monday, November 14th.

Since daylight savings just occurred and we see the sun earlier, the peak of this moon won't be visible in to Minnesota during dawn. Regardless you'll still be able to see it clearly. For those who get up earlier than the sun rises, you should get an eye-full of this moon easily, but it won't be at it's ultimate brightest.

The last time the moon was this bright was in 1948. If you miss this super moon, the next time you'll get to see something of this extreme will be in the year 2034...possibly.

Source: CBS News