Today, I was awarded with great news. "24" was finally going to be made into a movie. Then, I got better news. "24" was possibly going to be made into THREE movies! Then, after doing some searching, I discovered Fox has decided to halt production this spring due to Kiefer Sutherland's "Touch" schedule. While I'm glad to see him back on TV and I enjoyed the pilot for "Touch", I'd much rather see a movie from the one show that caused me withdrawals when it went off the air.

Now, my wife and I have become addicted to another series...."The Firm". And it too is in danger of going off the air. Yes, "The Firm" is related to the John Grisham novel and the 1993 movie that starred Tom Cruise. It picks up ten years after the movie with Mitch McDeere and his family out of witness protection and follows him being a lawyer of his own in Washington, D.C. It stars Josh Lucas as Mitch, Molly Parker as Mitch's wife, Callum Keith Rennie as Mitch's brother Ray and Juliette Lewis as Ray's girlfriend. While I wasn't initially thrilled with Lewis being cast, I've come to enjoy her immensely, and all of the other characters on this show.

There were 22 episodes ordered by NBC, the largest of their new shows over the past year. It originally aired on Thursday nights, and due to soft ratings, NBC gave it the death-knell of a Saturday night slot. Since we DVR it, I could care less if they ran it overnights. Of course, television sponsors aren't crazy about that and things aren't looking very good for my new favorite show. As with anything these days, there's a Facebook page for the series which I follow. And it's filled with folks like me begging the network to pick up "The Firm" for another season...or 10. Click here to check it out.

And why are the networks in such a hurry to yank a good series off the air? Anyone remember a little series called "Cheers"? It was ranked 77th out of 77 shows after its initial season. Dead last. I'm not saying the networks need to keep junk on the air, but aren't they doing that already? I'd much prefer to see an intelligently written show with great premises from week to week...than having to watch Snookie barf on the beach or see a bunch of obviously-scripted idiots try to get a woman to fall in love with them on TV.

So do me a favor and get caught up on this season's most interesting and addicting television show, "The Firm". It's on Saturday nights on NBC. And join their Facebook page to show your support. Write to your senator. Call the Pope. Do something to save this series. If "Celebrity Apprentice" can survive this long (yuck!), then "The Firm" deserves a chance too.