This is interesting because a young lady was arrested over the last weekend for Driving while drunk and claimed to be the daughter of Orville Redenbacher the popcorn guru.

Her name is Jordan Jones and according to sources appears to be quite the hand-full as she fought with the arresting officers, she continuously banged her head against the protective shield in the squad car until she became unconsious, she also battled with the nurses and the doctors. eight people, count them, eight to restrain her.

Later in the Indiana court system court and before the judge she stated she was living off the trust fund left behind by her grandpa. According to police, she drove her 2003 Pontiac Sunfire onto train tracks, got stuck and she was so trashed she locked herself out of the vehicle and didn't even know it. All this at four in the morning and the crazy thing shortly afterward a train crashed into it.

Have to admit this whole story sounds like the making of popcorn, when the kernels start to pop it becomes total kaos.