Ozzy Osbourne was injured in a house fire yesterday morning. How it happened, how is the family doing and how it happened.

On CBS’s The Talk yesterday, Sharon Osbourne revealed that part of the house had started on fire early that morning. She took the blame for the blaze explaining that she had left a candle burning overnight and that the flame from the candle had caused the candle holder it was in to break and set the room on fire. Ozzy tried putting the fire out, but ended up being burned in the process. Sharon said that Ozzy burned off some of his hair, his eyebrows are gone, part of his face was burned and he injured his hand.

She did, however praise the firefighters who responded to the call and put the fire out before it spread and caused more damage. She publicly apologized to Ozzy saying that he went out of his way to help put the fire out. He had surgery on his hand earlier in the day and was already in a cast and then there he was trying to put the fire out and he made his hand worse.

Sharon publicly apologized to her husband and promised that she would “never light a candle again.” Sharon was not injured and though a little bloody and burned, Ozzy is expected to be fine.