Ozzy Osbourne's daughter Kelly is recovering after suffering a seizure.

Kelly Osbourne was apparently on the set of her show Fashion Police on the E! Network Thursday and had mentioned she wasn't feeling well. A short time later Kelly fell out of her chair and began shaking. She was stabilized and transported to the hospital. As of last night she was alert and in stable condition. Her rep confirmed to gossip website TMZ that yes, Kelly did faint and the hospitalization was just a precaution. They wouldn't say one way or the other that it was in fact a seizure, which you know means yes.

In other Ozzy related news, we might soon have to call Ozzy "Sir". That's right. There's an online petition to have Prince of Darkness be granted with an Order of the British Empire. Do you think that's what sent Her Royal Highness to the hospital last week? The thought of having Ozzy at the castle with her and her beloved animals probably scared the crap out of her.

By the way, Ozzy's buddy and Black Sabbath band mate Tony Iommi is helping out a band from Armenia by writing a song for them for an international talent competition.

The band is called Dorians and they're competing in the Eurovision Song Contest. Tony wrote a song called Lonely Planet and he says he hopes it does well, but it will probably get slammed just like everything else.

The finals for the Eurovision Song Contest will be held in May in Sweden.

In the mean time, please enjoy this exclusive look into the making of the new Black Sabbath record.