Giant Monsters from below the ocean. Giant robots controlled by ass-kicking pilots. Total wanton destruction of everything tall. Oh yeah, and the guy from Sons of Anarchy. Sounds like the perfect film doesn't it?

Well. if it doesn't sound like the most awesome movie ever made, then don't go this Friday, because I don't want to see you walking out of it, and I don't want to hear you groaning behind me or playing Angry Birds.

If there ever was a guy you want to make a movie about huge underwater Godzilla-like monsters and giant Gundam-style (NO NOT THAT DAMN KOREA-POP THING!!!) robots kicking the crap out of them, it's Guillermo del Toro. This guy has a flair for the interesting, dark and triumphant (Note - See: HELLBOY and call me).

Last week, the Pacific Rim camp released a featurette for the film that gives us a closer look at the Kaiju (the monsters) and explains the reasoning behind the creation of the 'Jaeger Program' (the robots/fighting mechs).

After watching this if you can't admit this film is going to be visually stunning and action-packed, then go watch Brokeback Mountain on Netflix again, because I can't help you.